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is influenced by humanistic approaches, developmental theory and neuroscience research.   I believe we are socially constructed by our relational experiences both past and present.    If issues, and emotional distress arises from relational dynamics (either with others or within the self), then equally change can happen in the context of a reparative relationship.  



I am informed by the Seven-Eyed Model (Hawkins and Shohet 2012), and this can be applied to any therapeutic approach.   I am an integrative relational psychotherapist and so the emphasis is on the quality of the relationship, with self, and between others.    

  • Within supervision we will explore, be curious, and develop an understanding about the presenting client goals and issues.  
  • We will work together to reflect, work collaboratively, and evaluate therapeutic interventions and strategies in the best interests of the client.  
  • We will explore, and be curious about the processes, dynamics, and relational patterns not only for the client, but between therapist and client.  
  • I will encourage a deeper reflection for the way in which the supervisee is triggered by the client, in terms of feelings roles, and sensations.   
  • We will explore the dynamics between supervisee and supervisor and how this mirrors a parallel between therapist and client in the therapeutic work (enactments)
  • I will share and offer my reactions, sensations, triggers, thoughts and suggestions, and encourage supervisee's to share theirs too.  
  • I believe it is also important to consider the wider social, political, cultural, historical and environmental contexts, at multiple levels.

My supervision training and certificate is from Metanoia Training Institute.  

My charges are £65.00 per session.   

If you wish to speak to me, or ask any questions please do get in contact.  

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